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What happens to happiness during a pandemic

Bulgarian psychologist Kostadin Kushlev is an assistant professor at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and he is studying happiness. Happy people have good relationships, they do good to others, and take time for themselves, he claims. "Happiness is not so much a matter of thinking as of behavior," says the psychologist. But what happens to happiness during a pandemic when the most important ingredient, social life, is kept to a minimum?

"This situation allows us to find new ways to make ourselves fuller and therefore happier," said the expert. “One of them is helping others. For example, if we have older neighbors, we can do their shopping. We can also donate money to help people who have lost their jobs and cannot cope with this difficult situation.”

 Kostadin Kushlev had a happy childhood in the picturesque town of Madan in the Rhodope Mountain, and his curiosity took him across the pond "to see new things and other ways of thinking." After graduating in psychology and earning a doctorate from a Canadian university, he has been living in the United States for 16 years, where he teaches, pursues science and, with his achievements, attracts the attention of the world's media. He is currently researching how the pandemic affects our happiness. Otherwise, in his field of vision is the influence of technology on human social behavior.

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