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Home Economy UBB Mobile is the “Product of the Year” in the Mobile Banking Services category


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UBB Mobile is the “Product of the Year” in the Mobile Banking Services category

The third edition of the prestigious international competition “Product of the Year” for innovations in the consumer sector has distinguished the mobile banking application after a nation-wide representative survey

The mobile banking application of United Bulgarian Bank, part of the Belgian financial group КВС, has been announced “Product of the Year” in the Mobile Banking Services category. The award is part of the international competition “Product of the Year”, dedicated to innovations in the consumer sector. The award-giving ceremony was held on 23 April 2019 in Sofia city, as winners had been determined by the users as a result of nationwide representative survey held by Nielsen. UBB Mobile was distinguished among tenths of innovative products and services, launched on the Bulgarian market over the last 18 months.

The mobile banking award was accepted by Mr. Christof De Mil – Executive Director Finance of UBB and Innovation Leader of КВС Group in Bulgaria. „This distinction is an outstanding recognition for us, but also a confirmation that innovations in the financial sector are the trend that we should follow, in order to be relevant to the needs of our clients“, Mr. De Mil stated upon accepting the prize. „We want to be the engine, to set the standards in our domain, while the digitalization and the introduction of innovations are prerequisites for the implementation of this process“, UBB’s Innovation Leader also added.

UBB’s strive towards sustainable introduction of innovative solutions in the institution’s products and services has been supported by the recently presented multibanking functionality on the Bulgarian market, embedded in a mobile banking application. This is a convenience, enabling the Bank’s clients to monitor their accounts’ info, disposable balance, account movements and transaction details with four other banks. The mobile banking application itself, UBB Mobile, enjoys consumer trust and registers 145% growth of its users in 2018. The application is being preferred because of the convenience to use it anytime, anywhere, as well as because of the users’ freedom to perform series of banking operations on their own.

This award at the “Product of the Year” international competition is yet another argument in favour of UBB’s philosophy to offer innovative client-focused solutions in line with the financial sector’s dynamical digital transformation.  

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