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Tragedy in Russia, at least 11 have died

Eleven people were killed when a barge and a crowded catamaran collided in Russia's Volga River, pitching people off the sailboat and into the water.

Emergency Situations Ministry officials said rescue operations ended on June 12 when searchers found the body of the 11th victim, a woman.

They said five people were rescued after the collision late on June 11 near the city of Volgograd, of whom three were hospitalized.

The cause of the collision remains unknown.

State-run news agency TASS quoted an unnamed emergency worker as saying that the catamaran, which was carrying 16 people, may have been ignoring navigation rules or failed to see the barge in time to avoid a collision.

TASS also quoted the Russian Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport as saying the catamaran did not have required documents and identification lights.

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