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Home Community The Bulgarian Consul in Chicago Will Try to Meet with the Abused Adopted Bulgarian Children


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The Bulgarian Consul in Chicago Will Try to Meet with the Abused Adopted Bulgarian Children

Image: pixabay.com

For month now, authorities in Missouri have been caring for two Bulgarians adopted 8 years ago who have been abused by their American parents. Our Consul General in Chicago, Ivan Anchev, told bTV that he had applied for a meeting with them, but explained that they were already US citizens and under the jurisdiction of local law.

He explained that he had learned about the case from the media and that the children were in good hands with the social services, where they were well looked after. Anchev also said they were well aware of the experience.

Following a signal from neighbours, the parents were arrested. The case became known in early July. One of the adopted girls was in apparent bad condition and told neighbours that she had not been fed for a long time.

According to international requirements, in the first 2 years after the adoption, Bulgaria received the necessary report from the US social services on the status of the twins.

According to experts, the children are highly traumatized and will need time and considerable work with psychologists and psychotherapists. However, they are adamant that adoption legislation should not be branded but the legislation should be changed.

Specialists explained that everything probably happened because of some changes in the family - a change of residence or a job loss.

They moved from a big city to a small town, and the children were in a home-based learning environment (home-schooled), so it was difficult for others to notice changes in their appearance and behaviour.

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