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Home Economy The average salary in Bulgaria increases by about 10% in recent years


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The average salary in Bulgaria increases by about 10% in recent years

In recent years, income policy has allowed an increase in the average wage in Bulgaria with rates close to 10 percent, and this is one of the highest levels in the EU. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy Sultanka Petrova at the opening of a meeting of the Executive Committee IndustriALL European Trade Union today in Sofia, the press center of the social ministry announced.

According to Petrova, however, the overall level of income in Bulgaria is still low. Therefore, the search for solutions to reduce income inequality is at the center of the economic and political debate.
According to her, good social dialogue at all levels is likely to achieve greater flexibility in pay policy, combined with additional protection for hired work. Deputy Minister Petrova has pointed out that digitization poses challenges to industrial relations. Changes in the employment structure and the increasing number of workers without a clearly defined workplace and employer and the increasing spread of non-standard forms of employment and undeclared work are a major challenge for industrial relations and make it difficult for workers to organize and provide traditional protection from trade unions through collective negotiating, she said.

Petrova pointed out that negative pan-European demographic trends and an aging European population create risks of an imbalance in demand and supply of the labor force, which can distort the labor market and restrict the competitiveness of the economy.
"The necessary European funding for social Europe must adequately support national efforts for better employment opportunities, combating poverty and greater social inclusion, promoting education, skills and lifelong learning, higher growth and sustainable jobs that lead to better economic, social and territorial cohesion, "said Deputy Minister Petrova.

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