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Home Crime Serbia Introduces Life Imprisonment for The Worst Crimes


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Serbia Introduces Life Imprisonment for The Worst Crimes

Image: pixabay.com

The Serbian Parliament has voted amendments to the Penal Code to abolish the 30- to 40-year prison sentence and introduce life imprisonment for the worst crimes, Tanjug reported.

The changes to the Balkan country’s criminal law were approved with 159 votes in the 250-member assembly.

The new legislation envisages life sentence for such acts as the killing or rape of a child or a pregnant woman. It resulted from a petition launched by the father of a teenage girl who was raped and killed in 2014.

The sentenced to life imprisonment can be released conditionally after serving 27 years in prison. However, the court can’t release convicted of murder of a child, pregnant woman or helpless people.

Stricter sentences for ill-treatment, domestic violence, tax evasion, murder and torture of animals, violent behavior in sporting events and other.

The change also introduces a new offense - an attack on lawyers, which is in line with the proposal of the Serbian Bar of the Lawyers.

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