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PM Borissov: Bulgarian Border Well Protected

Speaking to journalists here on Saturday, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said that Bulgaria continues to be given as an example because its border is well-protected and there is no migrant pressure. Borissov visited the Panayot Volov stadium, for whose reconstruction the Government allocated 3,000,000 leva.

"The agreement with Turkey is implemented fully. What is important is that Bulgarians sleep peacefully because they remember the situation in Harmanli, the Ovcha Kupel area and central Sofia (referring to a past influx of migrants) and how calm the situation is today," said Borissov.

He went on the say: "I hope that this problem is resolved soon because it will become a risk to the region, tourism and investment conditions. Conflicts are not a good thing and we continue to honour our commitments," said the Prime Minister.

Approached about the nurses' protest, the Prime Minister recalled that he treated them with respect, and added that the government is working together with the trade unions and a package will be proposed after Monday in order to reach an agreement.

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