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Perry family adopts special needs orphans (video)

The Parrish family took in three Bulgarian orphans, all battling serious special needs

Imagine spending three years with a tube down your throat, trapped in a faraway orphanage unable to talk, to move, or even ask for help.

That was life for baby Victor.

"Something that we've learned along the way is that trauma like that, not having the nurturing that you need, that changes your brain forever," said Anna Parrish.

Victor could have stayed there forever. A nearly quadriplegic nonverbal baby in a Bulgarian orphanage battling cerebral palsy and spina bifida, he wasn't the type of kid who draws a lot of adoption interest.

At least, not until the Parrishes heard about him.

"At the end of the day, kids belong in families," said Parrish. "When you know kids are laying in cribs across the world living and dying their whole life in a crib -- and they could be in your family -- there's no reason not to go get them."

So they did. In December of 2017, Anna and her husband Steven brought Victor home to Perry. He joined their two other adopted children, who have special needs of their own.

"When God picks us, He does not pick us because we do things, God picks us because he loves us...We trust that God loves us unconditionally and that's how we want to love our kids," said Parrish.

They do. Through hours of physical and occupational therapy at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and a round-the-clock schedule of home care, Steven and Anna are watching their three kids grow stronger almost by the day.

There's 5-year-old Rosa, who's had to deal with a serious heart defect, a clubbed foot, and a facial cleft, and Eddie, a nonverbal five-year-old with Down syndrome and autism.

Rounding out the bunch is Victor, the 3-year-old baby brother of the bunch.

The tube in his throat is gone, replaced by a new one in his belly through which he gets most of his food.

If you spend time with the Parrishes, though, it's not the challenges that stand out.

"It looks a little different than other people, it came about differently," said Parrish. "But what do you need for a family? You need love and some people who care about each other."

They've got a whole lot of both.

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