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Home Community Medical Council Established Under Cabinet to Help Tackle COVID-19 Outbreak


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Medical Council Established Under Cabinet to Help Tackle COVID-19 Outbreak

The newly established Medical Council under Cabinet aims to tackle a health problem like the COVID-19 outbreak, which the Bulgarian health care system is not prepared for and lacks the necessary resources, the head of the newly established Council, Prof. Kosta Kostov, told journalists here on Tuesday at the Council of Ministers.

Kostov presented the members of the new Council, which include experts ranging from professors and physicians, to a dentist, a psychiatrist and a lawyer.

"As written in the Prime Minister's order for the establishment of the Council, our goal is to come up with recommendations for diagnosing and treating COVID-19 and its complications," Kostov said, adding that the Council will provide expected and prompt information by building trust among the public about the measures that are taken. Citizens deserve this information and constant access to it, he noted. This is why two news conferences will be given twice a week - on Tuesday and Friday. In addition to that, a Facebook portal will be created where everything the Medical Council and the expert councils come up with will be posted. The portal will be administered by journalist Konstantin Valkov with the purpose of providing clear and reliable sources of information, Kostov explained.

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