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Home Community Health professionals organise protest calling for higher wages


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Health professionals organise protest calling for higher wages

On World Day for Decent Work (WDDW) – October 7, trade unions of health workers at the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria, with the support of the Association of Health Professionals, organize a national protest in Sofia demanding decent salaries, better working conditions and reforms in healthcare. 

Protesters say hospitals must not be commercial companies and the state should stop financing private hospitals. Healthcare workers require a minimum monthly wage of 460 to 490 euros for nurses and between 560 to 615 euros as a starting salary for doctors. The Bulgarian Medical Association has announced that it will not join the protest because of agreements reached with the Ministry of Healthcare guaranteeing better working conditions. 

In an interview with the BNR, Dr. Mimi Vitkova, chair of the Association of Licensed Voluntary Healthcare Insurance Companies and a former healthcare minister, siad that a process of total replacement of public health care with private one was underway.

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