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Home Lifestyle Good ideas: how to spend your leisure time online


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Good ideas: how to spend your leisure time online

Closed up in our homes because of the danger of coronavirus infection, many Bulgarians have been trying to find useful ways to spend their time. And with the internet that is easy.

The first way is music. Many Bulgarian musicians have streamed unplugged concerts, or have uploaded videos of past appearances. The bands D2 and Ostava performed live on Facebook, others, like Mary Boys Band posted concerts recorded at different times.

And if music is not enough, you can always brush up on your knowledge of a foreign language with the help of your telephone. The idea of an easy-to-use mobile application came to entrepreneur Ivan Manev after he tried to find ways to maintain and improve his English vocabulary:

Ten years ago I had to learn English because I was working for an international company, he says. I started with lessons in Bulgaria, then in London and in Malta. That was when I realized what the difficulty is when you learn a foreign language – you learn the rules and the grammar but don’t have the vocabulary. That was why I tried to find an application that would help improve the vocabulary. Being a person who is active, I wanted something that would help me learn while I am on the move.

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