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Home Sport Embattled Owners of FC Levski Offer Club's Shares to PM, Offer Is Declined


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Embattled Owners of FC Levski Offer Club's Shares to PM, Offer Is Declined

The embattled owners of FC Levski offered the club's shares to Prime Minister Boyko Borissov on Wednesday but the offer was declined. The shares were broght by renowned journalist Sasho Dikov to the government HQ where he was met by Sport Minister Krassen Kralev and the head of the government
press office, Sevdalina Arnaoudova, to tell him that he should find somebody else to give the shares to.

FC Levski has been in dire financial straits since its patron and former majority owner, Vassil Bojkov, was charged in January  2020 with evasion of more than 700 million leva in gambling licensing fees, money laundering, extortion, bribery, murder, rape, leading an organized crime group since 2014, trading in
influence, and unlawful possession of cultural assets.

Once considered to be the wealthiest person in Bulgaria with assets worth between 1.5 and 3 billion leva, Bojkov lost this gambling business after the legislature banned privately operated lottery companies,  and turned ino a fugitive from justice, refusing to return to Bulgaria from the United Arab Emirates where, after three weeks in prison after being arrested  on an Interpol Red Notice on Bulgaria's request, he has been a free man with resident status.

Last week basketball coach and die-hard Levski fan Konstantin Papazov said that Bojkov was going to mail him the Levski shares  and make him the club's owner.  On Tuesday, Bozhkov and his partner Georgi Popov, who is the present Levski majority shareholder and is also in the UAE fleeing Bulgarian justice,
said that they were going to endorse the Levski shares to "the person who is responsible for the demise of the club, Boyko Borissov".

Bojkov's Nove Holding has blamed Levski's situatuion on "the deliberate and unlawful destruction of the companies which provided its financing", by the government of Boyko Borissov. In  a bTV interview by phone earlier in May, Bojkov  argued that the PM used the prosecution service, the State Agency for
National Security and the National Revenue Agency as "baseball bats" to force him out of business.
Journalist Sasho Dikov said that Bojkov asked him to take the shares to Borissov in a phone call. He tried to contact the government spokesperson but as she did not answer his calls, he decided to personally go to the Prime Minister's office. 

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