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10 Years Since Michael Jackson's Death


The king of pop music died after an overdose with sedatives

It's 10 years since Michael Jackson's death. On this date, in 2009, the king of pop music died after an overdose with sedatives only at the age of 50.

His relatives blamed his personal doctor Conrad Murray for the high doses of drugs.

In the early hours of 25 June, the physician gave Jackson a series of different sedatives in an attempt to help him sleep. But they didn't have the desired effect, and Dr Murray said Jackson was getting increasingly agitated about the forthcoming day's rehearsals. "I must be ready for the show in England," he said, according to the physician.

He radically changed the 20th century music, leaving millions of fans around the world, Michael Jackson will be remembered with the strangeness in his private life.

The controversy surrounding him once again flared up after the infamous film "Leaving Neverland" appeared. In it, two men blame Michael for having sexually abused them when they were children.

In the past decade, we have learned details about the sorry circumstances in which Michael Jackson died. While his music will always remain, we have also had some more troubling insights into his life.

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